Petroleum Well Control Equipment Co., Ltd.(PWCE)

PWCE Express Oil and Gas Group Co., LTD.

Seadream Offshore Technology Co., LTD.

About PWCE Express

The PWCE Express Oil and Gas Group Co., LTD is a joint venture company, which is invested by three well-known companies of the oil and gas industry:

Texas First Industrial Corporation, as known as TFI.

Guanghan Petroleum Well-Control Equipment Co.,Ltd. ,as known as PWCE.

Shanxi Express Special Vehicle Group Co., LTD.

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PWCE Express is focused on design & Manufacturing of all types of rigs, including Land drilling rig, Truck-mounted drilling rig, Trailer-mounted drilling rig and workover rig.

The main business scope of PWCE Express includes

● Manufacturing of onshore and offshore drilling equipment including Land drilling rigs & workover rigs and its components at its Baoji rig base.

● Supply various petroleum equipment components/accessories. 

● Repair, overhaul, maintenance and recertification of all types drilling rigs.