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Christmas Tree

  • Oil and gas Production Wellhead Equipment

    Oil and gas Production Wellhead Equipment

    Single Composite Tree

    Used on low-pressure (up to 3000 PSI) oil wells; this type of tree is in common use worldwide. A number of joints and potential leakage points make it unsuitable for high-pressure applications or for use in gas wells. Composite dual trees are also available but are not in common use.

    Single Solid Block Tree

    For higher-pressure applications, the valve seats and components are installed in a one-piece solid block body. Trees of this type are available up to 10,000 PSI or even higher if required.

  • Composite Solid Block Christmas Tree

    Composite Solid Block Christmas Tree

    ·Connect casing in the well, seal casing annular space and bear part of the weight of casing;

    ·Hang tubing and downhole tools, support the weight of tubing and seal the annular space between tubing and casing;

    ·Control and adjust oil production;

    ·Assure the safety of downhole production.

    ·It is convenient for control operation, lift-down operation, testing and paraffin cleaning;

    ·Record oil pressure and casing information.