Petroleum Well Control Equipment Co., Ltd.(PWCE)

Cementing Tools

  • API 5CT Oilwell Float Collar

    API 5CT Oilwell Float Collar

    Used for the inner string cementing of large-diameter casing.

    Displacement volume and cementation time are reduced.

    The valve is made with phenolic material and molded with high-strength concrete. Both the valve and concrete are easily drillable.

    Excellent performance for flow endurance and back pressure holding.

    Single-valve and double-valve versions are available.

  • Downhole Equipent Casing Shoe Float Collar Guide Shoe

    Downhole Equipent Casing Shoe Float Collar Guide Shoe

    Guidance: Aids in directing casing through the wellbore.

    Durability: Made from robust materials to withstand harsh conditions.

    Drillable: Easily removable post-cementing via drilling.

    Flow Area: Allows for smooth passage of cement slurry.

    Backpressure Valve: Prevents fluid backflow into the casing.

    Connection: Easily attachable to the casing string.

    Rounded Nose: Navigates through tight spots effectively.

  • Cement Casing Rubber Plug for oilfield

    Cement Casing Rubber Plug for oilfield

    The Cementing Plugs manufactured in our company include top plugs and bottom plugs.

    Special non-rotational device design allowing the plugs to drill out quickly;

    Special materials designed for easy drill out with PDC bits;

    High-temperature and high-pressure

    API approved

  • API Standard Circulation Sub

    API Standard Circulation Sub

    Higher circulation rates than standard mud motors

    Variety of burst pressures to suit all applications

    All seals are standard O-rings and no special tools are required

    High torque applications

    N2 and fluid compatible

    Can be used with agitation tools and jars

    Ball drop circ sub

    Dual option available with the use of rupture disc