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Casing Head

  • API 6A Casing Head and Wellhead Assembly

    API 6A Casing Head and Wellhead Assembly

    The pressure-bearing shell is made of forged alloy steel with high strength, few defects and high pressure-bearing capacity.

    The mandrel hanger is made of forgings, which leads to high bearing capacity and reliable sealing.

    All metal parts of the slip hanger are made of forged alloy steel. The slip teeth are carburized and quenched. The unique tooth shape design has the characteristics of reliable operation and high bearing strength.

    The valve equipped adopts a non-rising stem, which has a small switching torque and convenient operation.

    The slip-type hanger and mandrel-type hanger can be interchanged.

    The casing hanging mode: slip type, thread type, and sliding welding type.