Petroleum Well Control Equipment Co., Ltd.(PWCE)

Wellhead Equipment

  • Wellhead Swing One Way Check Valve

    Wellhead Swing One Way Check Valve

    Working Pressure:2000~20000PSI

    Inside Nominal Dimension:1 13/16″~7 1/16″

    Working Temperature: P-U

    Product Specification Levels: PSL1~4

    Performance Requirement: PR1

    Material Class: AA~FF

    Working Medium: oil, natural gas, etc.

  • China DM Mud Gate Valve Manufacturing

    China DM Mud Gate Valve Manufacturing

    DM gate valves are commonly selected for a number of oilfield applications, including:

    ·MPD systems automated

    ·Pump-manifold block valves

    ·High-pressure mud mixing lines

    ·Standpipe manifolds

    ·High-pressure drilling system block valves


    ·Well treating and frac service

    ·Production manifolds

    ·Production gathering systems

    ·Production flow lines

  • API 6A Manual Adjustable Choke Valve

    API 6A Manual Adjustable Choke Valve

    Our Plug and Cage style choke valve features a tungsten carbide cage as the throttling mechanism with a protective steel carrier around it

    Outer Steel carrier is for protection against impacts from debris in the production fluid

    The trim characteristics are an equal percentage that provides superior flow control, however, we can provide the linear trim as well on-demand

    Pressure-balanced trim considerably reduces the torque required to operate the choke

    Plug is fully guided at the ID of the sleeve and is rigidly attached to the stem to resist any induced vibration damage

  • API Low Torque Control Plug Valve

    API Low Torque Control Plug Valve

    The plug valve is mainly made up of the body, the hand wheel, the plunger and the others.

    The 1502 union connection is applied to connect its inlet and outlet to the pipeline (this can be custom-made according to different requirements). the precise fit between the valve body and the liner is ensured by means of cylindrical fitting, and the sealant is inlaid through the outer cylindrical surface of the liner to make sure that it is hermetically sealed.

    The cylindrical meal-to-meal fit between the liner and the plunger is adopted to ensure a high fitting accuracy and thereby reliable sealing performance.

    Note: even under a pressure of 15000PSI, the valve can be opened or closed with ease.

  • API 6A Double Expanding Gate Valve

    API 6A Double Expanding Gate Valve

    Plastic/chevron packing stays clean and free from contaminants to reduce maintenance costs.

    Tight mechanical seal is assured with parallel expanding gate design.

    This design provides upstream and downstream sealing simultaneously which is not affected by pressure fluctuation and vibration.

    A double-row roller thrust bearing on the stem makes operation easy, even under full pressure.

  • High Pressure Wellhead H2 Choke Valve

    High Pressure Wellhead H2 Choke Valve

    Interchangeability of parts to construct a positive, adjustable, or combination choke.

    Bonnet nut has rugged integrally forged lugs for hammering nut loose.

    Built-in safety feature that releases residual pressure in the choke body before the nut is fully removed. The inside of the choke body is vented to atmosphere after the bonnet nut is partially removed.

    Interchangeability of component parts for a particular pressure range. For example, the same blanking plugs and bonnet assemblies are used in nominal 2000 through 10,000 PSI WP

  • Drum & Orifice Type Choke Valve

    Drum & Orifice Type Choke Valve

    The body and side door are made of alloy steel.

    Choke-plate design, heavy-duty, diamond-lapped tungsten-carbide plates.

    Tungsten-carbide wear sleeves.

    Regulate the flow quite accurately.

    Versatile for onshore and offshore applications.

    Long life for service.

  • API 6A Casing Head and Wellhead Assembly

    API 6A Casing Head and Wellhead Assembly

    The pressure-bearing shell is made of forged alloy steel with high strength, few defects and high pressure-bearing capacity.

    The mandrel hanger is made of forgings, which leads to high bearing capacity and reliable sealing.

    All metal parts of the slip hanger are made of forged alloy steel. The slip teeth are carburized and quenched. The unique tooth shape design has the characteristics of reliable operation and high bearing strength.

    The valve equipped adopts a non-rising stem, which has a small switching torque and convenient operation.

    The slip-type hanger and mandrel-type hanger can be interchanged.

    The casing hanging mode: slip type, thread type, and sliding welding type.

  • Wellhead Control Equipment Tubing Head

    Wellhead Control Equipment Tubing Head

    Fabricated with BT technology seal and could be field mounted by cutting casing pipe to accommodate the seal height.

    Tubing hanger and top flange are designed to run cable through.

    Several control ports are available for connecting the pipeline.

    Made of forged or special smelt steel, providing high bearing strength, safety and reliability.

  • Oil and gas Production Wellhead Equipment

    Oil and gas Production Wellhead Equipment

    Single Composite Tree

    Used on low-pressure (up to 3000 PSI) oil wells; this type of tree is in common use worldwide. A number of joints and potential leakage points make it unsuitable for high-pressure applications or for use in gas wells. Composite dual trees are also available but are not in common use.

    Single Solid Block Tree

    For higher-pressure applications, the valve seats and components are installed in a one-piece solid block body. Trees of this type are available up to 10,000 PSI or even higher if required.

  • Composite Solid Block Christmas Tree

    Composite Solid Block Christmas Tree

    ·Connect casing in the well, seal casing annular space and bear part of the weight of casing;

    ·Hang tubing and downhole tools, support the weight of tubing and seal the annular space between tubing and casing;

    ·Control and adjust oil production;

    ·Assure the safety of downhole production.

    ·It is convenient for control operation, lift-down operation, testing and paraffin cleaning;

    ·Record oil pressure and casing information.