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Jackup Rig Repair

Seadream Offshore Technology Co., LTD., is proudly announce that we are NOV official partner and service provider in the Chinese offshore service field, we have took participated in the installation, commissioning, overhaul and maintenance jobs for drilling rig equipment of COSL ,Seeker and Confidence platforms.

Our technician team come from well-known drilling equipment manufacturer of the industry, including HH, NOV, Cameron , etc.. Among them, there are 6 senior engineers and over 30 mechanical/electrical engineers. They have extensive experience in the installation, commissioning, and overhaul for the offshore drilling rig equipment (NOV/Cameron/ Aker/ TSC/ HH/BOMCO).

Our company has the capability to provide comprehensive operational support for entire offshore drilling platforms. Our services include:

1. Provision of mechanical and electrical engineers (24/7 x 365 days on-board service).

2. Supply of seal kits for drilling package equipment (including original manufacturer seal kits and seal kits produced by our company).

3. Supply of other vulnerable parts for drilling package equipment (including original manufacturer parts and parts produced by our company).

4. Overhaul services for drilling packages (including on-board repairs and factory overhauls).

Seadream conducts the overhaul, commissioning , maintenance and recertification service for COSL Lovansing Jack-up rig & Seeker Jack-up rig & Oriental Dragon Jack-up rig @ year 2023 with the following drilling equipment.

☆NOV ADS-30Q-Automated Drawworks System

☆NOV HC-26EV-Hydraulic Cathead

☆NOV Iron Roughneck ARN 270 Well Center

☆NOV Pipe handling Crane 1891

☆NOV Power Slip System (PS30)

☆NOV ST-120-Iron Roughneck

☆NOV PRS-4i – Pipe Racking System

☆NOV TDS-1000 – Top Drive Drilling System

☆NOV Service and Access Basket

☆NOV Shale Shaker

☆NOV Choke and kill manifold


☆NOV 18 3/4"-15000psi BOP Stack

☆NOV (HPU) Hydraulic Power Unit  (BOP Control)

☆NOV Mud Gas Separator


☆PRS-8ER - Pipe Racking System

☆Mathey Wireline Units

☆35T SWL BOP Overhead Service Crane

☆125t SWL BOP Forklift Crane

Contract of Lovansing Jack-up rig project

offshore platforms repair & maintenance (8)

Contract of Seeker Jack-up rig project

offshore platforms repair & maintenance (9)

Contract of Oriental Dragon Jack-up rig project

offshore platforms repair & maintenance (10)

Post time: Dec-01-2023