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MPD Service

MPD (managed pressure drilling) IADC definition is an adaptive drilling process used to precisely control the annular pressure profile throughout the wellbore. The objectives are to ascertain the downhole pressure environment limits and to manage the annular hydraulic pressure profile accordingly. MPD is intended to avoid continuous influx of formation fluids to the surface. Any influx incidental to the operation will be safely contained using appropriate processes.

Our company as a qualified service provider for MPD (Managed Pressure Drilling) technology to CNPC and CNOOC,since the introduction of Halliburton's MPD technology services to China in 2010, we have accumulated a total of 25 standardized MPD technology services for CNPC in the past 13 years, including 8 wells with depths exceeding 8000 meters.

Currently, our company has a technical service team of over 60 personnel, including 17 engineers with over 10 years of experience in MPD services and 26 engineers with over 5 years of MPD experience. It stands as one of the most powerful MPD technology service providers in China.

Advantages of MPD

Property Benefit Result Comment
Closed Loop Circuit Changes in flow out of the well may be detectedalmost immediately Reduces uncertainties Kicks and losses detected in a matter of minutes
Contain formation gas  and downhole liquids Improve HSE Less chance of hazardous    fluids spilling onto rig floor
Perform FIT & LOT tests while drilling Increased knowledge about pressure regimes Less chance ofencountering hazardous situations
Apply backpressure Adjust wellbore pressure in a matter of minutes Reduce time spent on well control events, improve HSE No need to circulate in new mud
Smaller margins Drill narrow mud windows
Continuous CirculationSystem Avoid pressure surges when starting circulation, maintainstable borehole conditions when making connections Improve HSE, reduce likelihood of losing well Improved borehole quality, avoid formation squeeze, avoid lost circulation
Drilling closer tobalanced conditions (lower pressure differential between borehole and formation) Increase ROP Reduce rig expenditures Due to reduced "Chip Hold Down" forces
Increase bit life Reduce bit expenditures and time spent tripping string out of hole Less WOB, less chance of    "bit balling" occurring, less wear on bit
Minimize fluid losses Reduce mud expenditures Less likely to exceed fracture pressure during drilling
Reduce occurrence ofloss/kick events Improve safety and time spent managing well control events Due to greater control of pressure regime and lower margins
Extend casing points, set casings deeper Reduced number of casing strings in well
Reduce formation damage Improve productivity, reduce time spent and/or improve efficiency of cleanup operations A result of reduced formation water and particle invasion
Reduce occurrence of differential sticking issues Reduce time spent working string, fishing, sidetracking, and cost of tools left downhole Differential forces acting on the string is reduced

Introduction of MPD Equipment:

Pressure Control Center

Explosion-proof under positive pressure with CCS and DNV ship classification society certification.

☆316L stainless steel inner panel, compact structure, and comprehensive functionality.

☆Minimum dimensions in length, width, and height: 3 meters x 2.6 meters x 2.75 meters.

Automatic choke system  

Possesses China Classification Society (CCS) certification.

☆Rated pressure: 35 MPa, Diameter: 103 mm

☆One primary and one backup

☆High-precision mass flow meter: Real-time monitoring of outlet flow.

PLC data acquisition and control system

Possesses China Classification Society (CCS) certification.

Distribution box explosion-proof rating ExdⅡBT4, shell protection rating IP56.

Hydraulic control station

☆Equipped with on-site and remote automatic control functions.

☆Power supply: Three modes - electric, pneumatic, and manual.

☆Accumulator bottle with ASME certification.

PLC data acquisition and control system4
Rotary control head5

Rotary control head

☆Export flange 17.5, lower flange model 35-35.

☆Diameter 192/206mm, pressure rating 17.5MPa.

☆Closing pressure of the clamp is 21MPa, opening pressure is ≤7.5MPa, oil injection pump pressure is 20MPa, total power is 8KW.

Backpressure compensation system

☆Drive mode: Internal combustion engine-driven.

☆Maximum working pressure: 35 MPa.

☆Displacement: 1.5-15 l/s

Backpressure compensation system6

PWD(Pressure While Drilling)

☆Maximum operating pressure

☆Maximum operating temperature: 175℃.

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