Petroleum Well Control Equipment Co., Ltd.(PWCE)

About Seadream Group

The Seadream Oil and Gas Group Co., LTD is a joint venture company, which is invested by two well-known companies of the petroleum machinery industry:

Texas First Industrial Corporation, as known as TFI.

Guanghan Petroleum Well-Control Equipment Co.,Ltd. ,as known as PWCE.

Seadream group is focused on the Key Technology Breakthrough researching and development, technical service, equipment manufacturing especially in onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. SeaDream group is NOV qualified supplier and important partner in Chinese offshore service field.

The main business scope of Seadream Group includes

● On behalf of PWCE for overseas marketing and sales, as an independent business division of PWCE with fully authorized.

● Manufacturing of onshore and offshore drilling equipment including Land drilling rigs & workover rigs and its components at Seadream Baoji base.

● Manufacturing of BOP packing elements, ram packers, valve seal and other seal kits at Seadream Guang’an manufacturing site, operated by Seadream seal tech.

● Oilfield new seal kits product developed and OEM/ODM service at Seadream Guang’an manufacturing site.

● Providing offshore technology and engineering service. Operated by Seadream offshore.

● Providing overhaul, maintenance and reaccredited service for offshore drilling equipment. Operated by SeaDream offshore.

● Domestic oilfield on-site service and top drive rental. Operated by 12 teams of PWCE Xinjiang oilfield service Co., Ltd.

● Key Onshore and Offshore Technology Breakthrough researching and development by Seadream research institute.

● Supply various petroleum equipment components/accessories. Operated by TFI (China)oilfield supply Co., Ltd.

● Manufacturing of BOP packing elements, ram packers, valve seal and other seal kits at Seadream Texas manufacturing site, operated by TFI.