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Diverters for well-control while drilling in the surface layer

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Diverters are primarily used for well-control while drilling in the surface layer in the exploration of oil and gas. Diverters are used together with hydraulic control systems, spools and valve gates. The streams (liquid, gas) under control are transmitted to safe zones along a given route to ensure the security of well operators and equipment. It may be used to seal Kelly, drill pipes, drill pipe joints, drill collars and casings of any shape and size, at the same time it can divert or discharge the streams in well.

Diverters offer an advanced level of well control, improving safety measures while boosting drilling efficiency. These versatile devices boast a resilient design that allows for swift and effective responses to unexpected drilling challenges such as overflows or gas influxes.

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With their durable construction, diverters are capable of withstanding intense pressure conditions, reducing the risk of equipment failure. They are equipped with customizable gate valves, allowing for adjustable flow rates to effectively manage well pressure.

The innovative design of our diverters ensures seamless integration with existing drilling equipment, promoting operational continuity. Moreover, they are engineered to cater to a wide range of pipe diameters and shapes, enhancing their applicability in diverse drilling scenarios.

A key feature of our diverters is their ability to promptly divert or discharge well streams, aiding in maintaining control over the wellbore and preventing potential mishaps. This ability not only safeguards the personnel and equipment but also minimizes environmental impact, affirming our commitment to responsible drilling practices.

29 1/2″-500PSI Diverter

Bore Size 749.3 mm (29 1/2")
Rated Working Pressure 3.5 MPa (500 PSI)
Operating Chamber Rated Working Pressure 12 MPa (1,700 PSI) Recommended
Operating Chamber Working Pressure 10.5 MPa (1,500 PSI)
Closure Range ø127~749.3 mm (5"~29 1/2")

30″-1,000PSI Diverter

Bore Size 762 mm (30")
Rated Working Pressure 7 MPa(1,000 PSI)
Operating Chamber Rated Working Pressure 14 MPa (2,000 PSI)Recommended
Operating Chamber Working Pressure ≤10.5 MPa(1,500 PSI)

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