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Petroleum well-control equipment produces various types of high-quality Ram BOP

The Ram BOP can control the wellhead pressure in the process of drilling and workover, effectively prevent blowout and other accidents, and comprehensively protect the safety of operators and the integrity of equipment. Ram BOP can be divided into single ram BOP, double ram BOP and three ram BOP according to the number of ram BOP. According to the role of ram, it can be divided into full ram preventer, half ram preventer, shear ram preventer and suspended ram preventer.


Several advantages of ram BOP:

1. Efficient and safe: Ram BOP can accurately control the flow of petroleum liquids to ensure that there will be no sudden spatter and leakage during operation. This effectively reduces the risk of injury to the operator and improves work safety.

2. Intelligent monitoring: The Ram BOP is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, which can detect the pressure, temperature and other parameters in the oil pipeline in real time, find the abnormal situation in time and take corresponding measures.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving: Ram BOP effectively controls the flow of petroleum liquids, reducing energy waste and oil loss.

Technical features of ram BOP:

1. The shut-in operation is fast and can be realized within 3~8s.

2. Easy to operate, remote control.

3. The cavity adopts an oblong section, with uniform force and strong bearing capacity.

4. The side door assembly can realize the hydraulic linear switch, easy to replace the ram and easy to maintain on site. The side door seal adopts the radial floating seal instead of the traditional end seal.

5. Ram shaft seal adopts three-way seal, reliable seal, ram rubber core adopts self-sealing, and has a large rubber reserve.

Convenient function expansion, can be installed shear booster device, hydraulic locking device and so on.

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Post time: Aug-14-2023