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Seadream Group will bring out new products project for offshore drilling equipment

On July 6th, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences hosted the official kick-off of the 2023 "UCAS Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The Chairman of Sichuan Seadream Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, Zhang Ligong, was invited to attend the ceremony. This is the sixth iteration of the competition since its inception in 2018. The theme of this year's competition is "Chasing Dreams and New Journeys, Technology for the Future". The goal is to accelerate significant scientific and technological innovations, transform the achievements into practical applications, cultivate businesses and projects rooted in top science and technology, and adhere to the national strategy for innovation-driven development and the 2035 vision.

The competition consists of seven sub-tracks:

1. Next-gen Information Technology; 2. Intelligent Hardware; 3. High-end Equipment Manufacturing; 4. New Materials; 5. New Energy and Environmental Protection; 6. Life Sciences and Health; 7. Rural Revitalization and Social Services.

The Seadream Intelligent Equipment team will be competing at the end of July in the High-End Equipment Manufacturing category with their project "Localization of offshore Oil and Gas Equipment".

Seadream Group will bring out new products project for offshore drilling equipment (1)

Sichuan Seadream Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a dynamic enterprise dedicated to making breakthrough in the research and development of key technologies in China's offshore and terrestrial oil and gas sectors, providing integrated services from research and development to manufacturing and technical support of high-tech oil and gas equipment. In a rapidly evolving world and national context, the importance of key core technologies is paramount; these cannot be begged, bought, or borrowed. For China, technological innovation is not just about development anymore, it's a matter of survival. Seadream Intelligent Equipment has rallied a team of young, patriotic, and self-reliant talents focusing on the R&D and application of high-end oil and gas equipment technology.

Seadream Group will bring out new products project for offshore drilling equipment (3)

Inspired by President Zhou Qi's motto "Don't let the  foreign blockade and restrictions on key technologies constrain our development", they aim to join forces with the Chinese Academy of Sciences through this competition, hasten the localization process of imported equipment, break through foreign technological barriers, and make outstanding contributions to the China's oil and gas development.

Post time: Aug-14-2023