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Blowout Preventer Shaffer Type Lws Double Ram BOP

Short Description:

Application: Onshore

Bore Sizes: 7 1/16” & 11”

Working Pressures: 5000 PSI

Body Styles: Single & Double

Material: Casing 4130

Third party witness and inspection report available: Bureau Veritas (BV), CCS, ABS, SJS etc.

Manufactured in accordance with: API 16A, Fourth Edition & NACE MR0175.

API monogrammed and suitable for H2S service as per NACE MR-0175 standard

Product Detail

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• Equipped with pressure-energized RAMs

• Doors that simplify RAM changes and that have special backing to prevent extrusion and pinching

• Internal H2S Resistance 

• Wear rings that increase seal life and eliminate cylinder bore wear

• Polyurethane lip-type piston seals with lifetime lubrication

• Lip-type RAM shaft seals to hold back pressure

• Secondary RAM shaft seals for backup use


-Easy to replace RAM

-Wide-range pipe RAMs

-Our OEM RAMs and seal kits are interchangeable with Rongsheng.



'LWS' type RAM BOP is a lightweight blowout preventer designed for easy maintenance and long life. It is ideal for smaller bore and lower working pressure applications. This field-proven RAM preventer has been the most popular RAM BOP in drilling and workover service for many decades. The 'LWS' type BOP is available in either flanged or studded design. In particular, the studded top and bottom configuration is optimal on smaller rigs due to its compact design and reduced weight.  'LWS' type RAM BOP provides unparalleled operational functionality with its simplistic yet robust design. Manufactured with high-grade materials, it offers remarkable resistance to corrosion and extreme conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

A defining feature of the 'LWS' type RAM BOP is its lightweight, making it easy to transport and install, leading to decreased downtime and increased productivity. Additionally, its design is optimized to ensure easy maintenance, which translates into cost and time savings for operators.

The 'LWS' type RAM BOP is adaptable and can handle a wide range of bore sizes and pressures. This versatility makes it a highly sought-after solution across the oil and gas industry. The flanged or studded designs offer operators the flexibility to choose the configuration that best meets their specific needs.

Furthermore, the BOP is engineered for optimal performance in both drilling and workover operations, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for all well interventions. With its compact design, the 'LWS' type RAM BOP provides an optimal solution for smaller rigs, contributing to safer and more efficient operations.

Type LWS BOP Specifications

Bore (inches) 7-1/16" 11"
Working Pressure(PSI) 5,000 5,000
Length (inches) 58/1/4 89/1/4
Width(inches) 21/1/2 28/3/4
Height (inches),
Single, Stud x Stud
15 19/1/2
Double, Stud x Stud
26/3/4 33
Weight (bs), Single,
Stud x Stud
1,385 4,150
Weight(s), Double,
Stud x Stud
2,504 7,725
Gallons to Open 1.18 2.62
Gallons to Close 1.45 2.98
Closing Raio 5.45:1 5.57:1

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