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Downhole Equipent Casing Shoe Float Collar Guide Shoe

Short Description:

Guidance: Aids in directing casing through the wellbore.

Durability: Made from robust materials to withstand harsh conditions.

Drillable: Easily removable post-cementing via drilling.

Flow Area: Allows for smooth passage of cement slurry.

Backpressure Valve: Prevents fluid backflow into the casing.

Connection: Easily attachable to the casing string.

Rounded Nose: Navigates through tight spots effectively.

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Guide Shoe is a simple and economical process to run casing in the wellbore. These are attached to the casing bottom and provide buoyancy to the casing string while it’s lowered.

This design contains an inner taper on the bottom to ensure hassle-free entry of drilling tools back into the casing string after the drill out and during the drilling operation. The round nose guides the casing away from ledges and obstructions in the wellbores as the casing is lowered.

A built-in check valve provides buoyancy to the casing string and also prevents cement from re-entering the casing after it is removed. All the internal components are fully PDC drillable.


The Guide Shoe is an essential tool for well construction, designed to streamline the casing installation process. Its design ensures minimal resistance and hassle during operations. The built-in check valve not only aids in maintaining the buoyancy of the casing string but also ensures the integrity of the cement job by preventing cement backflow. Furthermore, its compatibility with PDC drilling makes it suitable for modern drilling operations. Its availability in a wide range of sizes, and the option for special sizes on request, makes it a versatile tool adaptable to various wellbore sizes and casing strings.

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