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Choke Manifold and kill Manifold

Short Description:

·Control pressure to prevent overflow and blowout.

·Reduce wellhead casing pressure by relief function of the choke valve.

·Full-bore and two-way metal seal

·The internal of the choke is constructed with hard alloy, exhibiting a high level of resistance to erosion and corrosion.

·The relief valve helps to reduce casing pressure and protect BOP.

·Configuration type: single-wing, double-wing, multiple-wing or riser manifold

·Control type: manual, hydraulic, RTU

Kill Manifold

·Kill manifold is mainly used to kill well, prevent fire and assist in fire extinction.

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Choke and Kill Manifold is used to control well kick and pressure. In case of well kick or blowout, the Choke Manifold may control downhole pressure by valve open/closing. Heavy slurry may be pumped into well by the Kill Manifold to reach pressure balance. Besides, Choke Manifold can be applied to well cleanup and blow-off.   Choke and Kill Manifold is an indispensable piece of equipment in the realm of drilling operations. It is engineered to maintain optimal well control by managing unexpected surges of pressure, thereby preventing potentially dangerous well kicks or blowouts.

Our Choke and Kill Manifold is designed with precision and advanced technology. It allows precise manipulation of valve positions to regulate downhole pressures effectively. This intricate control system aids in mitigating risks and ensuring a secure working environment, thereby reinforcing operational safety.

Moreover, it exhibits impressive versatility. The Kill Manifold function can introduce heavy slurry into the well, achieving pressure equilibrium and maintaining control during critical situations. This feature makes it highly valuable in well-control scenarios.

Additionally, our Choke and Kill Manifold extends its functionality beyond well control. It plays a pivotal role in well clean-up and blow-off procedures. This multi-faceted application makes it an integral component in not just crisis management, but also in routine maintenance and operational procedures.

In essence, our Choke and Kill Manifold is a testament to innovative engineering, marrying functionality and safety to deliver a product that significantly enhances drilling operations' efficiency and security. Our commitment to quality and precision in its design and fabrication ensures that it meets the highest industry standards, offering reliable performance under challenging drilling conditions.


Technical Specification:

Working Pressure 2,000 PSI- 15,000 PSI
Working Temperature -20°F-250°F(-29°C-121°C)
Working Medium Crude oil (gas), mud,natural gas
Nominal Bore 2 1/16"~4 1/16"
Temperature Level L,P, U
Material Grade AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF
Manufacturing Level PSL2, PSL3,PSL3G,PSL4
Standards API  SPEC  6A,API  SPEC  16C,NACE  MR-0175

Choke Manifold

Model Working Pressure Size(in) Choke  Type
JG-21 3000 PSI 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/8,4-1/16 Manual and Hydraulic
JG-35 5000 PSI 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/8,4-1/16 Manual and Hydraulic
JG-70 10,000 PSI 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/16,4-1/16 Manual and Hydraulic
JG-105 15,000 PSI 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/16,4-1/16 Manual and Hydraulic

Kill Manifold

Model Working Pressure Size (in)
YG-21 3000 PSI 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/8,4-1/16
YG-35 5000 PSI 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/8,4-1/16
YG-70 10,000 PSI 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/16,4-1/16
YG-105 15,000 PSI 2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/16,4-1/16

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