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DSA – Double Studded Adapter Flange

Short Description:

·Can be used to connect flanges with any combination of sizes and pressure ratings

·Custom DSA’s are available to transition between API, ASME, MSS, or other styles of flanges

·Supplied with standard or customer-specific thicknesses

·Normally provided with tap-end studs and nuts

·Available for general service and sour service in compliance with any temperature rating and material requirements specified in API Specification 6A

·Available with Stainless Steel 316L or Inconel 625 corrosion-resistant ring grooves

Product Detail

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Double studded adapter flange is a combination of flanges of different sizes and pressure ratings.

We supply ideal DSA for reliable and consistent performance on your production system. Our adapter flanges are in various sizes and pressure ratings as per customer's specified thickness, consistent with design considerations. It is an important device to connect the different flanges for the wellhead, so the material of the body studs and nuts shall conform to the related requirements. The size is in accordance with API 16A flange certification. Our Double Studded Adapter Flanges not only facilitate the seamless integration of mismatched flanges but also ensure enhanced durability and operational longevity. Engineered with precision and using cutting-edge technology, these adapter flanges can withstand high-pressure environments, providing robust performance even in harsh conditions. Their versatile design allows for easy installation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Furthermore, our commitment to stringent quality control processes guarantees that each product meets the highest industry standards, promising safety and efficiency in your production systems.

adapter flange 4

Technical Specification:

DSAF Description Flange thickness(T)(mm)
2-1/16"x5M To 3-1/8"x5M 70
2-1/16"x10M To 4-1/16"x10M 80
3-1/16“x10M To 4-1/16”x10M 130
3-1/16"x10M To 4-1/16"x5M 80
4-1/16"x5M To 2-1/16"x5M 75
4-1/16“x5M To 3-1/8”x5M 83
4-1/16”x2M To 4-1/16”x5M 80
7-1/16"x10M To 13-5/8"x10M 170
7-1/16“x5M To 13-5/8”x 5M 150
11"x15M To 18-3/4"x15M 256
11"x5M To 13-5/8"x5M 144
13-5/8”x10M To 11"x10M 267
13-5/8"x3M To16-3/4"x2M 150
13-5/8"x10M To 18-3/4"x 15M 256
13-5/8“x5M To 18-3/4”x 15M 256
18-3/4”x15M To 20-3/4"x 3M 270
20-3/4"x3M To 18-3/4"x 15M 256
21-1/4“x2M To 18-3/4”x15M 256

Availability Specification:

Working pressure 2,000PSI-20,000PSI
Working medium Oil, Natural Gas, Mud
Working temperature -46°C-121°C
Material class AA-HH
Specification class PSL1-PSL4
Performance class PR1-PR2
Connection API 6A Flange, API16A Clamp, WECO Union

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