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Composite Solid Block Christmas Tree

Short Description:

·Connect casing in the well, seal casing annular space and bear part of the weight of casing;

·Hang tubing and downhole tools, support the weight of tubing and seal the annular space between tubing and casing;

·Control and adjust oil production;

·Assure the safety of downhole production.

·It is convenient for control operation, lift-down operation, testing and paraffin cleaning;

·Record oil pressure and casing information.

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The Christmas Trees, both the traditional "stacked" trees and composite solid block trees have field-proven reliability on land and offshore applications.

The Traditional Stacked Christmas Tree Assembly incorporates the Tubing Head Adapter, Master Valve (Gate Valves), SSV (Surface Safety Valve) or USV (Underwater Safety Valve) with Actuator, Tees or Crosses, Wing Valve (Manual or Actuated), Choke (Positive or Adjustable), Swab or Crown Valve, Top Connector, Gauge Valve, Pressure Gauge, Ring Gaskets and Bolting depending upon the applications.

Solid Block Christmas Tree 3


Christmas Tree

The Composite Solid Block Tree Assembly is most often required in order to meet land and platform limitations of space. Space-consuming flanges can be eliminated and valves can be located closer together which effectively reduces production costs.

The Composite Solid Block Tree Assembly incorporates the Design and Features of Gate Valves and Chokes. Our Solid Block Christmas Trees also feature advanced engineering design, embodying a compact structure that efficiently maximizes space utilization. This optimized design proves especially useful in land and platform operations where space is a limiting factor.

The elimination of space-consuming flanges and strategically located valves contributes to significantly reduced production costs.

These robust and efficient Solid Block Christmas Trees combine the design and features of gate valves and chokes, offering a reliable, high-performance solution for your wellhead management needs. More importantly, they offer operational efficiency and flexibility, representing our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Main Drift  2-1/16"、2-9/16"、3-1/16"、4-1/16"、5-1/8"
Working Pressure  2000PSI~20000PSI
Temperature Level  KU
Material Class  AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
Specification Level  PSL1~PSL4
Performance Level  PR1~PR2

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