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Flushby unit truck mounted rig for sand washing operation

Short Description:

Flushby unit is a novel specialized drilling rig, primarily employed for sand washing operations in screw pump-heavy oil wells. A single rig can accomplish the traditional well-flushing tasks that usually require the collaboration of a pump truck and a crane for screw pump wells. This not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the need for additional auxiliary equipment, thus lowering operational costs.

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Model and parameters of rig

Item 20T Flushby Unit 60T Flushby Unit 80T Flushby Unit
Rated Hook Load kN 200 600 800
Max Hook Load kN 360 700 1100
Mast Height m 18 22 31.7
Traveling system 2×3 2×3 5×4
Triplex pump input power kW 135 135 250
Triplex pump max working pressure MPa 35 35 35
Water tank volume 8 6 8

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