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Light-Duty(Below 80T) Mobile Workover Rigs

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This kind of workover rigs are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec Q1, 4F, 7k, 8C and technical standards of RP500, GB3826.1, GB3836.2 GB7258, SY5202 as well as“3C” compulsory standard.

The whole unit structure is compact and adopts hydraulic + mechanical driving mode, with high comprehensive efficiency.

The workover rigs adopt II-class or self-made chassis with various to meet the user’s different requirements.

The mast is front-open type and with single-section or double-section structure, which can be raised and telescoped hydraulically or mechanically.

Safety and inspection measures are strengthened under the guidance of the design concept of “Humanism Above All” to meet the requirements of HSE.

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Model and parameters of rig

Model XJ250(40T) XJ350(XJ60) XJ450(XJ80)
Service Depth 73mm(2-7/8” EUE Tubing) m 3200 4000 5500
Rated Hook Load kn 400 600 800
Max. Hook Load kn 675/735 900 1125
Engine Model CAT C9 CAT C9 CAT C15
Engine Power hp 250 350 475
Transmission Model Allison 4700 OFS Allison 4700 OFS Allison M5610AR
Chassis Driving Type 8×8/8×6/6×6/6×4 8×4/8×8/10×8 10×8
Approach Angle/Departure Angle 25°/16° 25°/16° 25°/16°
Minimum Ground Clearance mm 310 310 300
Mast Height m 17/19/21/24 24/27/29 31.5/35
Mast type Front Open-end Double Section Hydraulic Lifting Telescopic Front Open-end Double Section Hydraulic Lifting Telescopic Front Open-end Double Section Hydraulic Lifting Telescopic
Effective number of Wireline 6(3×4) 6(3×4) 8(4×5)
Lifting Wireline Diameter mm 22 26 26
Moving Dimension (L×W×H) m 14×2.9×4.3 18.5×2.9×4.2 18.5×2.9×4.2
Total Weight kg 38000 51000 52000
Drum Type Single/Double Drum Single/Double Drum Single/Double Drum
The Main Drum Auxiliary Brake Air Control Disc Brake Air Control Disc Brake Air Control Disc Brak

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