Petroleum Well Control Equipment Co., Ltd.(PWCE)

BOP Packing Element

The BOP Packing Element is typically made from materials like silicone that are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Its structure is conical to match the shape of the casing. The BOP Packing Element has a narrow slit in the middle, which serves to filter out particles in the liquid and dilute it. By using specialized molds, multiple layers of sealing rubber are bonded onto the support ribs, with the sealing rubber gradually decreasing in size from bottom to top. The proportions of the sealing rubber layers are designed according to the specific needs of the application.


We manufacture a range of BOP packing elements, including the "GK" and "GX" Type BOP Packing Elements, Shaffer Type Annular BOP Packing Elements, and rotary BOP packing elements. Our products are crafted using the latest formulations and technologies from abroad, offering significant advantages in terms of service life and product reliability. These packing elements significantly extend the service life of BOPs, ensuring stable performance even under the most challenging drilling conditions.

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Post time: Mar-12-2024