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Shaffer Type Annular BOP packing element

Short Description:

-Increase service life by 20%-30% on average

-The storage time of the packing elements can be increased to 5 years, under the shading conditions, the temperature and humidity should be controllable.

-Fully interchangeable with foreign and domestic BOP brands

- Third-party testing can be done during the production process and before leaving the factory according to customer requirements. The third-party inspection company could be BV, SGS, CSS, etc.

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The annular BOP packing element was first developed by the Shaffer, An American Company and it is used for annular blowout preventers of the Shaffer type. At present, the Shaffer-type packing element is one of the most widely used BOP packing elements.

Our OEM annular blowout preventer (BOP) packing elements use the latest foreign formula and technology, which have significant advantages in service life and product reliability. type Annular BOP Packing Element is a groundbreaking innovation in the oil and gas industry. Rooted in superior American engineering, it forms the heart of Shaffer-type annular blowout preventers, a testament to its impressive performance.

Annular BOP Packing Element (3)

An embodiment of state-of-the-art technology, this packing element significantly extends the lifespan of blowout preventers, ensuring consistent performance even in the most challenging drilling conditions. Its high-quality design and construction ensure superior resilience to high pressure, high temperature, and corrosive environments, making it ideal for a range of oilfield applications.

One of the standout features of our OEM annular BOP packing elements is their innovative formulation, leveraging the latest advancements in materials science. This ensures a product that combines superior elasticity with excellent resistance to wear and tear, greatly improving its durability.

Ease of installation is another key advantage. Designed for quick replacement, our OEM packing elements minimize downtime during maintenance, thus contributing to more efficient operations. They are compatible with a wide range of blowout preventers, increasing their versatility.

The end result is a product that significantly enhances well-control, increases operational efficiency and provides a reliable safeguard against potential blowouts. The Shaffer-type Annular BOP Packing Element is truly a remarkable component, integral to the safety and success of drilling operations worldwide.


Technical Specification:

18 3/4"-10000 PSI/15000 PSI Subsea 18 3/4"-5000 PSI/10000 PSI Subsea
13 5/8"-10000 PSI/15000 PSI 21 1/4"-5000 PSI
20 3/4"-3000 PSI 13 5/8"-5000 PSI
11"-5000 PSI 11"-3000 PSI
9"-5000 PSI 7 1/16"-5000 PSI

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