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Safety joint for oil well drilling fishing tools

Short Description:

Quickly releases from a downhole string should the assembly below the safety joint become stuck

Enables the recovery of tools and down-hole gauges above the safety joint when the string is stuck

Allows the retrieval of the lower (stuck)portion by either fishing over the OD of the box section or by re-engaging the pin section into the box section

Prevents right-hand torque from acting on the shear pin

Easily disengages and reengages with a large, coarse thread design that carries the string load

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The safety joint (SJB) allows quick release of the test string if the packer, or anything below the packer, becomes stuck. Typically positioned on top of the packer and made up to the same torque as the other tools in the string, the SJB is disengaged by left-hand torque. Shear pins control the breakout torque. An adjusting ring prevents right-hand torque from acting upon the shear pin. The joint can be reengaged by applying weight and rotating slowly to the right. Knurled, beveled ends in the adjusting ring provide high breakout torque during a fishing operation.

In addition to the key functions detailed above, our Safety Joint (SJB) boasts a versatile and rugged design that is engineered to withstand challenging downhole environments. It is compatible with a wide variety of string assemblies and is available in different sizes to fit seamlessly with the rest of your drill string components. Moreover, the meticulous engineering ensures minimal risk of accidental disengagement but facilitates swift and smooth disconnection when required. The integrity and reliability of the SJB are enhanced by its superior quality materials and finishes, ensuring maximum longevity and performance under high pressure and temperature conditions. It is indeed an indispensable tool for your drilling operations, providing unmatched safety and efficiency.

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H type safety joint

Model OD mm IID mm Thread connection
HAJ89 89 15 NC26
HAJ95 95 20 NC26
HAJ105 105 30 NC31
HAJ121 121 38 NC38
HAJ159 159 50 NC46-NC50
HAJ165 165 50 NC46-NC50
HAJ178 178 57 NC50-5 1/2FH
HAJ203 203 71.4 6 5/8REG

AJ type safety joint

Model OD mm ID mm Thread connection
AJ-C38 86 38 NC26
AJ-C95 95 44 NC26
AJ-C105 105 51 NC31-2 7/8NU-2 7/8EUE
AJ-C121 121 57 NC38
AJ-C159 159 71.4 NC4-NC50
AJ-C165 165 71.4 NC50
A]-C178 178 71.4 NC50-5 1/2FH
AJ-C203 203 76 6 5/8REG
AJ-C228 228 76 7 5/8REG

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