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Oilfield Arrow Type Back Pressure Valve

Short Description:

Metal to metal sealing;

The simple design allows easy maintenance. 

Pressure Rating: Available from low to high-pressure operations.

Material: High-strength, corrosion-resistant alloy, suitable for extreme environments.

Connection: Conforming to API or specific customer requirements.

Function: Prevents backflow in the tubing string, maintaining pressure control.

Installation: Easy to install with standard oilfield tools.

Size: Available in multiple sizes to fit a variety of tubing diameters.

Service: Suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure, and sour gas environments.

Product Detail

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Arrow Type Back Pressure Valve is an important tool for preventing of blowouts.

The design of the Arrow Type Back Pressure Valve allows for an on-site determination of back pressure to be set at the surface.  Beyond its critical role in blowout prevention, the Arrow Type Back Pressure Valve also stands out for its innovative features and robust performance. Crafted with a focus on longevity, the valve embodies a high level of mechanical integrity, ensuring it can withstand harsh environments and operational stress. Its design allows operators to modify back pressure at the surface, providing significant flexibility and control during drilling operations.

This valve is compatible with a broad range of drilling equipment, making it a versatile tool for various oilfield operations. The ease of installation and removal simplifies maintenance and saves operational time. Its high resilience in the face of high-pressure and high-temperature conditions further enhances the safety of drilling operations.

In terms of structure, the Arrow Type Back Pressure Valve consists of high-quality components that provide optimal functionality and reliability. Its efficient design reduces the likelihood of operational downtime, contributing to the overall productivity of the drilling operation. The on-site back pressure adjustment, coupled with its durability and reliability, makes this valve an indispensable component in maintaining well-control, ensuring operator safety, and maximizing production efficiency.

Arrow Check Valve2
Arrow Check Valve3


Model O.D.


Connection I.D.


Working Pressure


FJ229 229 75/8 REG 82 70(35)
FJ203 203 65/8 REG 82 70(35)
FJ178 178 51/2 FH 82 70(35)
FJ168 168 NC50 82 70(35)
FJ165 165 NC50 82 70(35)
FJ159 159 NC46 70 70(35)
FJ121 121 NC38 56 70(35)
FJ105 105 NC31 44 70(35)
FJ89 89 NC26 33 70(35)

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