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Wellhead Swing One Way Check Valve

Short Description:

Working Pressure:2000~20000PSI

Inside Nominal Dimension:1 13/16″~7 1/16″

Working Temperature: P-U

Product Specification Levels: PSL1~4

Performance Requirement: PR1

Material Class: AA~FF

Working Medium: oil, natural gas, etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Optional Features

Low alloy Steel or stainless Steel valve body

Regular Bore, Full bore

Swing or Lifting Type

Trim AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF

Sealing is energized by flow fluid pressure, sealing performance gets better while pressure increases.

Hard-faced sealing surface and sulfur-resistant core material assure fine performance of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Integral forged body with fine mechanical properties.

Check valve shall be hydro-tested prior to delivery for sale performance.


Check valve creates the metal-to-metal seal by the pressure of the medium, the more the pressure is, the better the sealing effect is. Anytime the valve chamber can bear the pressure of the pipeline. The sealing face between valve core and valve body is welded with hard alloy with good abrasion resistance and anti-scour;the valve core is made of sulfide-resistance steel and the others adopt the process of hardness limit so the valve is able to be used in H2S condition. Check valve is designed and produced entirely according to the requirements of API 6A <Equipment Specifications for Wellhead and Christmas Tree>, able to be used interchangeably with corollary equipment at home and abroad that is in line with API 6A Standard.

Check Valve8


Used for for the prevention of back flow in high pressure and/or high temperature mud lines, choke & kill manifolds and Christmas tree injection and kill lines.



item Component
1 Nut
2 Stud
3 Bonnet
4 Bonnet (Gasket
5 Spring
6 Packing box
7 Sealing ring
8 Seat
9 Body
10 Dust sealing ring
11 Lock Screw
12 Bottom cap
13 Screw


Product Name Check  Valve
Working Pressure 2000 PSI~20000 PSI
Nominal Bore 1 13/16”~7 1/16”
Temperature Level K,L,P, R, S,T, U
Working Medium oil, Nature gas, mud
Material AISI 4130 (Integral Forged)
Body Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Material Class AA,  BB,  CC,DD,EE,  FF
End Connection API 6A Flange
Standards API 6A, API 16C


Product Specification Level PSL    1~PSL4
Performance Requirement PR  1~PR  2
Paint Color Red or Customized
Application Mud Choke Manifold

Kill Manifold Wellhead Christmas Tree Connection

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