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Drum & Orifice Type Choke Valve

Short Description:

The body and side door are made of alloy steel.

Choke-plate design, heavy-duty, diamond-lapped tungsten-carbide plates.

Tungsten-carbide wear sleeves.

Regulate the flow quite accurately.

Versatile for onshore and offshore applications.

Long life for service.

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The choke valve, a main component of Christmas trees and manifolds, is designed to control the production rate of the oil well and its working pressure rating up to 15000 PSI.

Orifice plate choke valve is often used in onshore during under-balanced drilling, well testing and well cleanup operations. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A standard. They are specifically made to seal, control and monitor oil and gas wells.

The orifice choke valve is molded of two pieces of special carbon tungsten plates with the ability of erosion resistance, one of which rotates to alter the concentricity between the upper orifice and lower orifice of two plates so as to adjust the flow rate of fluid or gas.

Orifice Chokes-Valve-4

The valve is used for manifolds such as drilling, fracture, mud circuits, and ground high-pressure gas injection/production, it has an outstanding feature that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet, as closing, can press both of the plates fast together so as to put into effect of sealing cutting, especially in the case that the pressure suddenly rises or falls, the preset sign-rate of high/low-pressure sensor can be helpful for automatic closing/shut so as to avoid heavy accident. It is an outstanding advantage in that it has a long working life and ability of erosion/corrosion resistance in comparison with other choke valves.

We have many sizes and pressure ratings for the valves used for drilling applications, they are either hydraulic operated or manual operated, which meet all kinds of working conditions and performance requirements.



item Component
1 Body
2 O-Ring
3 Seat
4 Screw
5 Lower Diversion Bushing
6 Upper Diversion Bushing
7 Valve Core
8 O-Ring
9 Bonnet
10 O-Ring
11 Bonnet Stud
12 Bonnet Nut
13 Stem
14 Packing Assy.
15 Packing Gland


item Component
1 Stud
2 Bonnet
3 Sealing ring
4 Stem
5 Upper Seat Bushing
6 Lower Seat Bushing
7 Back Up Ring
8 Body
9 Spacer spool
10 Stud
11 Actuator adapter
Bore Size 21/16"-51/8"
Working Pressure 2,000PSI-20,000PSI
Material Class AA-HH
Working Temperature P-U
PSL 1-4
PR 1-2
Connection type flanged, studded, weco union

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