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China high quality drop-in check valve

Short Description:

·Pressure Rating: Built to withstand high pressure environments, ensuring operational integrity under various conditions.

·Material Construction: Typically manufactured from high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials for enhanced durability and longevity.

·Functionality: Its primary function is to allow fluid to flow in one direction, while preventing backflow.

·Design: Compact and simple design for ease of installation and removal.

· Compatibility: It is compatible with a variety of drilling tools and wellheads.

·Maintenance: Minimal maintenance required due to its robust construction and reliable performance.

·Safety: Provides additional safety by reducing the risk of blowouts and maintaining well control.

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Drop-In Check Valves prevent return flow during a kick and are suitable for most drilling situations in which return flow through the drill string is a risk and normal operation requires the benefits of a full-bore sub. By preventing upward flow through the drill pipe, but allowing fluid to be pumped downward to circulate the well, the valves provide the driller with the means to control the drill pipe pressures when required, significantly improving and simplifying well control.

When a blowout is imminent, the thread connections of the Kelly are unscrewed immediately. The check valve is then dropped into the drill pipe and pumped downward to the required location. This effectively prevents the blowout.

Building on its unique design, the Drop-in Check Valve adds a critical safety layer in drilling operations. With its robust structure, it seamlessly integrates into the drill string, allowing unidirectional fluid flow during normal operation, but it's always ready to kick in and prevent backflow when an anomaly is detected. Additionally, its easy deployment and retrieval features significantly minimize non-productive time. Its excellent sealing capabilities ensure a secure and pressure-tight barrier within the drill string, offering additional protection against uncontrolled fluid surges. This tool, without a doubt, enhances the efficiency and safety of drilling operations, making it an essential part of any well control strategy.

Drop-in Check Valve3
Drop-in Check Valve1


Specification Check Valve Assembly Landing Sub Stop Ring Working Pressure
Connection API






FT89 33 89 30 35
FT105 36 105 33 NC31
FT121 50 121 46 NC38
FT159 54 159 50 NC46
FT168 68 168 64 NC50
FT178 68 178 64 5 1/2 FH
FT203 68 203 64 6 5/8 REG

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