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Manufactured from 4145M or 4140HT alloy steel.

All lifting subs are complied with API standard.

A lifting sub enables the safe, effective and efficient handling of straight OD tubulars such as drill collars, shock tools, directional equipment jars, and other tools using the drill pipe elevators.

Lifting subs are simply screwed to the top of the tool and feature an elevator groove.

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The lifting sub is a special above-ground tool for lifting drilling tools in the oil and gas industry and geologic exploration. It resembles a pup joint and is used to thread the upper connection of the drill string to make the drill string be tripped in/out by the elevator. As a short type drill string component, a lifting sub looks like a completion tubing and it allows the secure and efficient handling tools that need the help of the drill pipe elevators. Complementing the robust features of our Lifting Subs, they have a design that ensures maximum strength at all points, reducing the risk of breakage or failure during the lifting process. The subs are manufactured from high-grade steel which has undergone rigorous quality testing to withstand the strenuous conditions of drilling operations. Our Lifting Subs come in various sizes and lengths to fit a range of drill string configurations. They also offer an easily accessible shoulder that enables efficient and secure latching of the elevators. These Lifting Subs provide a reliable solution for smooth, safe, and fast-tripping operations, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime in the drilling process.

Lifting Sub3
Lifting Sub2


Nominal Size mm(in) I.D mm(in) Coupling Thread API Drill Pipe Outer Diameter mm(in) Coupling Outer Diameter mm(in)
73.0(2 7/8) 31.8(1 1/4) NC23 78.4(3 1/8) 111.1(4 3/8)
44.5(1 3/4) NC26 88.9(3 1/2)
88.9(3 1/2) 54.0(2 1/8) NC31 104.8(4 1/8) 127.0(5)
50.8(2) NC35 120.7(4 3/4)
68.3(2 5/8) NC38 127.0(5)
127.0(5) 71.4(2 13/16) NC44 152.4(6) 168.3(6 5/8)
71.4(2 13/16) NC44 158.8(6 1/4)
82.6(3 1/4) NC46 165.1(6 1/2)
82.6(3 1/4) NC46 171.5(6 3/4)
95.3(3 3/4) NC50 177.8(7)
NC50 184.2(7 1/4)
NC56 196.8(7 3/4)
127.0(5) 95.3(3 3/4) NC56 203.2(8) 168.3(6 5/8)
6 5/8REG 209.6(8 1/4)
95.3(33/4) NC61 228.6(9)
7 5/8REG 241.3(9 1/2)
NC70 247.7(9 3/4)
NC70 254.0(10)
NC77 279.4(11)

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