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Type U VariabIe Bore Ram Assembly

Short Description:

·Our VBR rams are suitable for H2S service per NACE MR-01-75.

·100% interchangeable with Type U BOP

·Longer service life

·Sealing on a range of diameters

·Self-feeding elastomers

·Large reservoir of packer rubber to ensure a long-lasting seal under all conditions

·Ram packers that lock into place and are not dislodged by well-flow

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Our Type U variable bore rams (VBR) seals can be used on several sizes of pipe or hexagonal Kelly. The variable bore ram packer contains steel reinforcing inserts. The inserts rotate inward when the rams are closed so the steel provides support for the rubber which seals against the pipe. Variable ram can be used to seal different diameters of pipe string. Variable ram is composed of variable ram, top seal, and variable front seal. The installation of variable RAM in the BOP is the same as the common RAM, don't need to change any part of the BOP. In addition to the provided description, the type U Variable Bore Rams (VBR) exemplify flexibility and durability in drilling operations. Its adaptable design allows it to seal multiple sizes of pipe or hexagonal Kelly, demonstrating its versatility and utility across diverse drilling conditions.

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At the core of the VBR are steel reinforcing inserts that rotate inward upon closure of the rams. This innovative feature strengthens the rubber seals' grip against the pipe, ensuring a tight and effective seal irrespective of the pipe's diameter.

The type U VBR assembly comprises a variable ram, top seal, and variable front seal, all engineered for utmost durability and performance. The ease of installation adds to its appeal, with the VBR seamlessly integrating into existing BOP setups without the need for modifications. 

Additionally, the type U VBR exhibits remarkable resistance to extreme pressures and temperatures, thanks to its robust construction. This resilience, combined with its versatility in sealing different pipe diameters, solidifies the type U VBR's position as a crucial tool for successful well control.

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