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Shaffer Type Variable Bore Ram Assembly

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Our VBR rams are suitable for H2S service per NACE MR-01-75.

100% interchangeable with type U BOP

Longer service life

2 7/8”-5” and 4 1/2” – 7” for 13 5/8” – 3000/5000/10000PSIBOP are available.

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Our type S variable bore rams (VBR) seal on several sizes of pipe or hexagonal Kelly. The variable bore ram packer contains steel reinforcing inserts. The inserts rotate inward when the rams are closed so the steel provides support for the rubber which seals against the pipe. Variable ram can be used to seal different diameters of pipe string. Variable ram is composed of variable ram, top seal, and variable front seal. The installation of variable RAM in the BOP is the same as the common ram, don't need to change any part of the BOP.  type S Variable Bore Rams (VBR) provides a dynamic solution for achieving a safe and secure seal around various pipe sizes and shapes. The flexible design and innovative structure of the VBR allow for greater adaptability and versatility in operations, making it a vital addition to any drilling equipment.

Each component of the VBR, from its steel reinforcing inserts to its high-quality seals, is meticulously engineered to ensure maximum performance and durability. The packers, reinforced with steel, provide robust support and exceptional sealing capacity, ensuring well integrity even under high-pressure conditions.

The simplicity of the VBR's installation process sets it apart, offering seamless integration into existing BOP setups without the need for any modifications. This translates into decreased downtime and increased operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the type S VBR exhibits outstanding resilience against harsh drilling conditions. Its design enables it to effectively seal varying diameters of pipe string, providing flexibility and reliable control in dynamic drilling environments. This adaptability positions the type S VBR as an indispensable asset in maintaining operational safety and efficiency.

S Type Variable Bore Ram Assembly (7)
Our type S variable bore rams (VBR) seal on several sizes of pipe or hexagonal Kelly. The variable bore ram packer cont

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