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API 6A Double Expanding Gate Valve

Short Description:

Plastic/chevron packing stays clean and free from contaminants to reduce maintenance costs.

Tight mechanical seal is assured with parallel expanding gate design.

This design provides upstream and downstream sealing simultaneously which is not affected by pressure fluctuation and vibration.

A double-row roller thrust bearing on the stem makes operation easy, even under full pressure.

Product Detail

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Secondary seals in Pure Graphite

Anti-Static Device

Anti-Blowout stem

O-ring /Lip seals configuration  

Negligible pressure drop in the fully open position

Relief valve in the body cavity

Easy in-line maintenance

Customized  design for horizontal stem installation and or vertical pipeline installation available 

Expanding Gate Valve5
Evpanding Gate Valve4


Size 2-1/16", 2-9/16",3-1/8", 4-1/16", 5-1/8", 7-1/16" ,9"
Rated pressure  Working temperature-LU-XX, YY
PR 1
PSL 1-3

Expanding Gate Valves consists of one gate body and a related gate segment. The valve seat can be lubricated by grease injection fittings to reduce wear and extend service life. The contact surface
of them is designed to milled V structure.  API 6A Expanding Gate Valves are available in sizes 2-1/16" through
4-1/16". working pressure of 2000 PSI through 5000 PSI. The system achieves its positive seal capacity by mechanically expanding the gate and segment against the seats due to the thrust exerted by the stem. During the valve stroke, this unique design resists expansion of the gate, allowing it to slide, avoiding wear of seats and gate. Valves are pluggable in the fully open position and generate pressure drop across the valve equal to the internal diameter of the connecting pipe. Material selection is fully customizable to meet customers' project specifications.


item Component
1 Handwheel Nut
2 Handwheel
3 Bearing Retainer Nut
4 Space sleeve
5 Thrust Bearing
6 Retainer Bushing
7 Packing
8 Bonnet Nut
9 Bonnet Stud
10 Bonnet
11 Grease Fitting
12 Packing Fitting
13 Stem
14 Gate Spring
15 Gate
16 Seat Insert
17 Seat
18 O-Ring
19 Gate Segment
20 Gate Guide
21 Bonnet Gasket
22 Body
23 Body Grease Fitting
Expanding Gate Valve

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