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High Pressure Wellhead H2 Choke Valve

Short Description:

Interchangeability of parts to construct a positive, adjustable, or combination choke.

Bonnet nut has rugged integrally forged lugs for hammering nut loose.

Built-in safety feature that releases residual pressure in the choke body before the nut is fully removed. The inside of the choke body is vented to atmosphere after the bonnet nut is partially removed.

Interchangeability of component parts for a particular pressure range. For example, the same blanking plugs and bonnet assemblies are used in nominal 2000 through 10,000 PSI WP

Product Detail

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·Externally threaded body

·Bleed valve allows safe venting of the body cavity pressure before removing the bonnet assembly

·Compliance with API Spec 6A, including performance verification testing for PR-2 chokes

·Forged body

·Easy operation and maintenance

Available Configurations

Positive chokes provide a fixed flow condition with a large selection of available bean sizes and types

Adjustable chokes provide variable flow rates but can be locked into position if a fixed flow rate is required

A combination bean and seat converts the adjustable choke to a positive/adjustable choke for bringing on the well slowly with the adjustable feature

We manufacture both Positive and Adjustable Choke Valves with pressure ratings up to 15,000 PSI WP. With different styles of end connection. Adjustable Choke Valves are meant for variable flow. It has an externally controlled indicator showing orifice size in the increment of 1/64 inch. The variation in choke size is achieved by rotating the hand wheel to obtain the desired flow rate at the downstream side.

H2 Choke 5
_H2_ Choke Valve2


item Component
1 Hex Bolt or Nut
2 Washer
3 Handwheel
4 Set Screw
5 Thumb Screw
6 Indicator
7 Plug
8 O-Ring
9 Bonnet Nut
10 Needle
11 Ring gasket
12 Sealing ring
13 Packing
14 Seat
15 Ring gasket
16 Body
about (1)


about (2)
item Component
1 Body
2 O-Ring
3 Valve Core
4 Choke Bean
5 Retaining Ring
6 O-Ring
7 Bonnet
8 Lock Nut
9 Grease Fitting

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