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Type S Pipe Ram Assembly

Short Description:

The Blind Ram is used for single or double Ram Blowout Preventer(BOP). It can be closed when the well is without the pipeline or blowout.

·Standard: API

·Pressure: 2000~15000PSI

·Size: 7-1/16″ to 21-1/4″

· U type, type S Available

· Shear/ Pipe/Blind/variable Rams

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API Spec 16A BOP Rams Main technical parameters:

 1, Working pressure2000~15000PSI (14~70MPa)

 2, Nominal bore7 1/16"~13 5/8" (179.4~346.1mm)

 3, According to the latest API Spec 16A standard, and quality standard.


The S Pipe Ram is used for single or double Ram Blow Out Preventer(BOP). The ram's size is matched with the pipe's OD. It can be closed between the pipe stem and well annular space. In addition to the details mentioned, the type S Pipe Ram serves as an integral component in single or double Ram Blow Out Preventer (BOP) assemblies. Its unique design, specifically tailored to match the outer diameter of the pipe, ensures an effective and robust seal, helping to maintain wellbore integrity during high-pressure situations.

The type S Pipe Ram is engineered with a blend of durability and precision. It's constructed using high-grade materials that can withstand harsh drilling conditions, enhancing its longevity and reliability. The design of this ram assembly strikes a balance between rigidity and flexibility, allowing for an optimal seal in various operational situations.

A standout feature of the type S Pipe Ram is its ability to form a secure seal between the pipe stem and the annular space of the well. This functionality ensures the efficient containment of drilling fluids, preventing spillage and contributing to safer well control practices.

Ease of installation and maintenance are also key attributes of this ram assembly, reducing downtime and operational costs. The integration of the type S Pipe Ram into a BOP assembly doesn't require significant modifications, which enhances its practicality in diverse drilling operations.

Furthermore, the type S Pipe Ram's versatility makes it adaptable to a wide range of pipe sizes, accommodating different drilling requirements. Its design is a reflection of a commitment to quality, performance, and safety, making it an indispensable tool for efficient well-control.

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