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API Low Torque Control Plug Valve

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The plug valve is mainly made up of the body, the hand wheel, the plunger and the others.

The 1502 union connection is applied to connect its inlet and outlet to the pipeline (this can be custom-made according to different requirements). the precise fit between the valve body and the liner is ensured by means of cylindrical fitting, and the sealant is inlaid through the outer cylindrical surface of the liner to make sure that it is hermetically sealed.

The cylindrical meal-to-meal fit between the liner and the plunger is adopted to ensure a high fitting accuracy and thereby reliable sealing performance.

Note: even under a pressure of 15000PSI, the valve can be opened or closed with ease.

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The plug valve is a necessary part that is utilized on the high-pressure manifold for the cementing and fracturing operations in the oil field and is also suitable for controlling similar high-pressure fluids. Featuring a compact structure, easy maintenance, small torque, rapid opening and easy operation, the plug valve is ideal for cementing and fracturing manifolds. High pressure low torque Plug Valves are available in 2" X 2" and 2" X 1". They come in multiple bores and are available up to 15,000 PSI for standard service and 10,000 PSI for H2S or frac gas service. Our plug valves are pressure-balanced type and have replaceable metal liners between the body and the plug. Repair kits are also available to increase their life and make them perform safely for longer. These manually operated valves are fitted with high-stem torques and manual gearboxes.

Plug Valve2
Plug Valve3


Item Component
1 Body
2 Seal Ring
3 Side Segment
4 O-Ring
5 Packing
6 Plug
7 Seal Segment
8 Seal:F/Seal Segment
9 Retainer Ring
10 Retainer Segment
11 Detachable Nut
12 O-Ring
13 Body Cap
14 O-Ring
15 Lock Nut
16 Grease Fitting
17 Plug Cap
18 Locating Pin

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